Selecting Your Franchisees Part 3 of 3: Evaluation and Recruitment

March 16, 2018 12:00 am Published by

In the previous articles in this series, we discussed the importance of introspection and self-evaluation as the first step in expanding your network in order to attract quality entrepreneurs.

As we said, to boost your success factor when recruiting for your network, it is important to start by understanding what you are and the direction where you wish to go. What does your banner represent?

What is the next step after you receive franchisee applications?

Selecting franchisees for your network is a delicate and tricky task: on one hand, these entrepreneurs must show strong leadership to make certain their businesses evolve, while on the other hand, they must be capable to function within the framework established by the franchisor, which means that they must respect the existing structure and must be able to adapt to the processes and standards in place. So, how do you optimize the effectiveness of the candidate selection process and thus build strong partnerships?

The selection process usually includes interviews with the applicants, which helps to validate the personality and individual qualities of the applicants. However, it is not always easy to stay unbiased, and the whole process is time and effort consuming. FlagFranchise filters all applications and narrows your options to the candidates who meet the specific criteria as identified by you.

A franchisor looking to expand the network usually receives numerous applications. Knowing the importance of selecting the right fit with the network, all received applications must be sorted and ranked. However, there are many elements that cannot be measured by simply reviewing CVs or standard application forms. Some franchisors have developed more complex application systems to identify and evaluate certain personality aspects, but the process is quite long and laborious.

Larger companies widely use applicant tracking systems (ATS), which are software applications that allow them to electronically handle their recruitment process, but these are less common in the franchising context. The ATS software integrates various recruitment-related tasks: receiving, filtering and sorting applications, follow-up and tracking, etc. In many cases, they include algorithms to identify and filter applications automatically based on certain criteria such as keywords, specific skills or years of experience.

Just like applicant tracking systems, FlagFranchise allows you to effectively manage all received applications. But the added advantage of our platform is in the filtering and sorting method used. Many franchise networks have long been accepting franchisee applications based solely on the minimum level of skills needed to carry out operations and the financial capacity to bear costs. Many of these major retailers now regret their choice and are looking for better ways to select entrepreneurs for their franchise network founded on qualifying parameters such as the core values and particular strengths of their future franchisees. As an example, you might consider adding psychometric tests to your selection process, or even strategic interviews and on-site validations.

Unlike other ATS software tools, FlagFranchise automatically performs an initial screening to validate certain profile elements that would have a significant effect on the level of engagement and performance of future franchisees: values, strengths and desired way of life.


And this brings you to the negotiation and signing of the agreement! After that, it is integration, training and, we hope, growth!

Introspection, attraction, evaluation and recruitment. Four words that carry so much meaning! And while the sequence is important, it is more the way it is done that can make or break your franchise network. In addition to helping you reflect on various criteria considered fundamental for building a healthy, sustainable and growing business, FlagFranchise offers many other useful services as part of its subscription package options.

No matter the size of your network, FlagFranchise has several accessible service packages adapted to various growth curves. In addition to the many innovative features at affordable prices, you get a range of complementary tools, including the best practices in the candidate evaluation and selection process. Discover them now and build a strong network of motivated, dedicated franchisees.

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