Selecting Your Franchisees Part 2 of 3: Attraction

March 16, 2018 12:00 am Published by

Whether to expand your network, to find a suitable replacement for retiring franchisees or simply to identify prospects, the recruitment and selection needs of franchise networks have been a subject of growing attention among franchisors. But how do you pick the right franchisees for your network? From a pool of entrepreneurs, how do you select those who would add value to your network, who would ardently and proudly work to grow their business as if the banner were their own?

In the first part of this three-article series we addressed the importance of profound introspection to build self-awareness as your first step, which would become a strong foundation for the network.

What is the next step?

Where do you go from here? At this point you have enough information to pass on to action: attract enough candidates to ensure quality franchisee selection for your network. If you have a smaller network, you may probably find it difficult to catch the attention of a sufficient number of entrepreneurs. And even for a network with established reputation and brand awareness, you still need to select committed franchisees who share your values and culture.

How can you make sure potential franchisees hear about your banner? It’s no secret that the younger generations are tech-savvy! Nowadays, the Internet and social media have become the main sources of information when searching for franchise opportunities. But it is not enough to be seen, you must find ways to catch their eye, to appeal to them enough to make them want to apply.

This is what makes FlagFranchise different from the competition.

Our online tool was specifically designed to put forward the information centered on the requirements of franchise entrepreneurs. This e-platform communicates every available business opportunity through our social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and by e-mail to our numerous subscribers. The online approach helps to better target our efforts and to get through to those entrepreneurs who match your desired franchisee profile. With the help of our online tool, franchisors now have the effective means to identify and recruit franchisees likely to enhance their network. To make the selection process more efficient for franchisors, our application automatically posts your business offer on several platforms, based on the target territory, receiving, ranking and sorting of applications, as well as the results of the compatibility analysis.

Moreover, FlagFranchise may help your banner get discovered by potential franchisees. Our algorithm automatically identifies the competitive advantages of each franchise network and presents them to potential franchisees based on their priorities. For example, it can prioritize such selection criteria as geographic proximity or strong potential affinities (common values and interests). In short, no matter the size and status of the network, FlagFranchise sorts the strengths and key assets of every franchisor, and lists all available business opportunities according to the individual ranking of satisfaction criteria as set by each franchise seeker, which makes it easier for the entrepreneur to understand and compare the advantages of several franchise networks in order to make an informed decision.

Attracting candidates is an essential step in a successful franchisee selection process. And it is not just about the quantity of candidates, but their quality. When it comes to attracting top talent, the right tools can save you time and money. So, make them work for you!

FlagFranchise team