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Are you a new or well-established franchisor or master franchisor? Are you looking to pre-qualify your candidates more effectively?

We have designed our in-demand web platform to make your franchise recruitment process efficient and effective through the use of technology that privately pre-qualifies your candidates and gives you access to new candidates compatible with your brand.

We have identified seven key criteria that help pre-qualify potential franchisees:

  • Budget
  • Expectations
  • Skills and experience
  • Affinities
  • Entrepreneurial profile
  • Way of life
  • Desired market/territory
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Efficiency in Prequalification

Our prequalification algorithm based on 7 compatibility and performance criteria allows you to analyze multiple selection criteria at a glance, thus promoting better candidate selection.

Saving Time and Money

The time of your development managers can be allocated to candidates with real potential rather than wasting their energy prequalifying applications in a laborious or intuitive way. Our new version 2.0 also provides access to a detailed analysis report, by prequalification criterion, to help your recruiters target the elements to be further explored with candidates.rieuse ou intuitive. Notre nouvelle version 2.0 permet également d’avoir accès à un rapport d’analyse détaillé, par critère de préqualification afin d’aider vos recruteurs à cibler les éléments à approfondir auprès des candidats.

Be the First !

As everyone knows, the labor shortage has greatly influenced selection methods by speeding up the process in order to quickly contact interesting candidates. The franchise world is no exception, good potential franchisees are rare and valuable. Be the first to contact them with our sophisticated prequalification algorithm. This will increase your chances of attracting the best candidates for your network.

Helping your International Recruitment

Franchisors with master franchisees abroad have every interest in having them use FlagFranchise so that the effectiveness of your recruitment is reflected around the world. It will also be easier to find candidates willing to travel or open new master franchises. Also, via our partner Franchise World Link, you could have access to the Canadian consultant responsible for helping brands export their concept to one of the 50 countries covered by Franchise World Link.

FlagPlus, Analysis Module for Your Current Network

Registration for the FlagPlus module gives your current franchisees access to the completion of a suitable questionnaire so that our qualification algorithm analyzes the degree of compatibility of entrepreneurs in your franchise network with the ideal targeted franchisee. For what ? In order to target the elements on which your territory manager or network facilitator can work with the franchisees in his sector. FlagPlus gives you access to an automated analysis report with possible solutions to implement to develop the skills and abilities of your franchisees. Comparing the evolution over time is a good performance indicator for your brand.

FlagPremium, a Strategist at Your Service

Registration for the FlagPremium module, in addition to all the features of FlagPlus and Flag, gives you access to a personalized analysis report containing in-depth solutions specific to your brand to be implemented in order to develop skills and abilities of your franchisees. Comparing the evolution over time is a good performance indicator for your brand.

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