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There are thousands of franchisors across the country. It is impossible to know all the concepts that can be successful in your territory. Add to this that several highly successful international franchisors may be looking for franchisees near you. FlagFranchise helps you identify the right one for you and can put you in touch with international franchisors via its partner, Franchise World Link (link to

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Franchise Concepts for all Prices!

FlagFranchise allows you to quickly target accessible concepts given your budget. The investment varies according to a multitude of factors:

  • Equipment: Starting an outdoor training service is very easily accessible compared to a franchise requiring trucks, equipment, a building, etc.
  • Popularity: a brand that everyone knows that will attract customers from the opening will probably be more expensive than a franchise whose name is little known
  • Franchisor’s track record of success: a long-established franchisor who has demonstrated that his concept has the strength to pass through time and trends can be more expensive than a very cool concept, but from a franchisor who is just starting to expand franchise
  • Type of franchise: there are industries for which franchises are more expensive due to high development costs, for example. A restaurant with full service requires investments usually above 1 million and a few hundred thousand for concessions
  • Financing offered: some franchisors ask you for a sum covering, among other things, the complete training given to new franchisees and finance the rest of the investments required.

Support of the Franchisor

The success of a franchise is based 40% on the hard work of the franchisee, but also largely on the quality of support and supervision offered by the franchisor. Support is an integral part of the know-how transmitted in franchising, but still varies from one brand to another:

  • Operations manual giving you the recipe from A to Z to properly operate your franchise
  • Initial training to ensure your skills are up to snuff
  • Continuous training to support you in the growth of your business
  • Access to experts in marketing, sales, finance and more!
  • Call center to ensure sales to customers
  • Frequent support and coaching
  • Funding assistance

No Experience Required (or Very Little)

Overall, the skills required to be successful in running your franchise are primarily natural management basics. The importance of each of these skills varies greatly from one industry to another and from one franchisor to another. Some require very little or none at all and others are more demanding because their franchise concept requires better skills to promote success:

  • Relational skills
  • Agility in the management of work teams
  • Management skills
  • Capacities for sale
  • Focused on customer service

Franchisors will offer you training allowing you to have all the managerial tools in hand as well as extensive supervision so that you are perfectly comfortable operating and managing your franchise business. Most require a nice personality and basic natural abilities, that’s all!


For All Personality Types

Concepts for everyone!

 Those who like challenges and are focused on achieving results:

If you have more of an entrepreneurial profile, like being in the action and overcoming obstacles to feel valued, please make sure to choose a franchisor who has a philosophy of listening to franchisees’ ideas, giving them the freedom to acting in accordance with the policies and procedures in place and who has as much ambition as you will be a wise choice.

 Those who are comfortable in a stable environment:

Prefer a franchise that has been established for some time with fairly stable ways of doing things over time. Also favor the choice of a franchisor who has a growth and management strategy consistent with your profile.

 Those who are skilled communicators:

Dare to choose a franchise concept that will allow you to put forward this strength that is yours. Many franchisors are looking for people like you: comfortable interacting with customers and communicating with employees. Several options are available to you.

Balanced Life Possible

In effect! It all depends on the industry in which you want to hold a franchise.

Entrepreneurs today want time:

The advantage of the franchisee is that he has the power to create a harmonious work environment in his image and to surround himself with people with whom he wishes to work; people who share the same vision and the same values ​​as him. By choosing the network that suits you, you contribute not only to your fulfillment and happiness at work, but also to that of your employees and the network.

The advantage of the franchise industry is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel: the recipe has already been proven. From the start, you benefit from the expertise and support of the franchisor. Business processes, marketing, training, and several other variables are provided to you. Not everything has to be built like starting a new business. So you don’t have to sacrifice your quality of life.

In addition to allowing you to register your preferences regarding the distribution of your time, FlagFranchise offers you the brands that best correspond to what you want to experience as a franchisee.

Several Success Stories

There are thousands of franchisors across the country. It is impossible to know all the concepts that can be successful in your territory. Add to this that several highly successful international franchisors may be looking for franchisees near you.

When you start a business, you first analyze the potential income! However, franchise networks offer different financial possibilities depending on their size and the sector of activity in which they operate. FlagFranchise can help you select the right brand for you.

Ready to own your own franchise?

Ready to own your own franchise?

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