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Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for the best franchise to start your business or a franchisor in the process of developing its franchise network, FlagFranchise, the only sophisticated algorithm, prequalifies franchisees for the registered brands that suit them, by based on 7 performance and satisfaction criteria.

Franchise entrepreneurship allows entrepreneurs to have access to stimulating challenges, to become master of their destiny by becoming their own boss and above all, to have access to better potential income than with a salaried employee status.

What is FlagFranchise?

You are looking for a business opportunity, but not just any. This new challenge must absolutely respect a list of criteria that you have set for yourself. To succeed in the franchise industry, your aspirations must correspond to those of all the players in the network: the franchisor and the franchisees. It is therefore important to choose your franchise, not only based on potential income, but also by determining what you want to accomplish. FlagFranchise is a tool that allows you to quickly target brands that meet 7 satisfaction criteria such as the desired lifestyle, compliance with your financial limits, your income needs, your personality, the desired life balance and well more! Many franchisors include completion of the Flag questionnaire as a prequalification in their selection process.

The concept is simple: joining a brand or recruiting franchisees who demonstrate the same values ​​and aspirations as the other franchisees in the network increases the chances of creating a network in which franchisees are happy and successful. FlagFranchise helps potential candidates establish a mutually beneficial relationship with their future franchisor. FlagFranchise has determined 7 elements that influence the satisfaction of the parties in a franchise business partnership. Its algorithm automatically measures your compatibility with available franchises based on the following criteria:

  • Your budget
  • Your expectations
  • Your skills and experience
  • Your affinities
  • Your entrepreneur profile
  • Your way of life
  • The desired territory

As soon as you complete your registration on FlagFranchise, our algorithm considers all the business opportunities published on our site to measure your potential compatibility with franchisors who have franchises available or with the brand of your choice. Compatible franchises appear in your personal dashboard under the “These franchises might interest you” tab. We also send you a warning by e-mail each time a deductible compatible with your requirements is displayed. For each business opportunity consulted, you can obtain information on the franchisor such as the size of its network and the entry fees. Your profile remains 100% anonymous to franchisors as long as you do not mention your interest in a specific brand.

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