Who is FlagFranchise for?

Experienced franchisees from a number of sectors

FlagFranchise is a franchisee recruitment tool designed to help franchisors attract and select motivated, successful franchisees. No matter your brand's sector, we can help you. Our tool is also available worldwide. In addition, personalized, targeted campaigns can be organized if you wish to develop a specific market in the world (additional cost).

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Platform Specialized for Franchises

FlagFranchise is a tool specific to franchises that is perfectly suited to searching for and selecting franchisees with varied profiles. Although the tool offers many possibilities, you may be looking for a franchisee with very specific experience. In such a case, why not combine the use of FlagFranchise with a targeted campaign aimed at boosting the number of applications in your specific field of expertise? Note that in this situation, additional charges may apply.

If you don’t receive a sufficient number of applications for a given business opportunity, we have solutions. Often, these solutions are based on revising parameters to make your chain more attractive to prospective franchisees. Our team will be happy to help you create a more attractive business opportunity.

A Tool to Enter New Markets

FlagFranchise is the ideal tool to recruit franchisees in new areas. For an additional charge, our team will launch targeted campaigns in the areas of the world in which you want to build a bank of candidates with a specifically targeted profile. Expanding your network has never been so cost-effective!

Sectors Covered

As a specialized tool for franchises, FlagFranchise can meet the recruitment needs of franchisors of all sizes in all sectors.

Every business opportunity published on our franchisee recruitment platform is subject to an advertising campaign to reach and be of interest to as many candidates as possible. Our campaigns use tools to target those looking for franchises in your sector, particularly through the use of social media. When necessary and at your request, your business opportunity with be distributed through orders, professionals, educational institutions, professional associations, etc. Additional charges may apply.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you reach quality candidates that are interested in one of the following sectors:

  • Administration
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Art, culture, and media
  • Automobile
  • Businesses and stores
  • Communications and marketing
  • Construction
  • Law and legal services
  • Education, science, and research
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Engineering
  • Real estate and building maintenance
  • Natural resources and environment
  • Restaurants, bars, hotels, and tourism
  • Health
  • Financial sector
  • Security, police, and fire services
  • Public, government, and political services
  • Information technology
  • Transportation
  • Sales and customer service
  • Other sectors

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