Why try FlagFranchise?

Attract good candidates

FlagFranchise is a franchisee recruitment tool designed to help franchisors attract and select motivated, successful franchisees. The platform was designed to help networks be more efficient in their recruitment thanks to a technology that targets and identifies franchise candidates who meet their criteria.

These days, the franchise sector faces major challenges in recruiting franchisees, among other things because of the mass exodus of the baby-boomers and the difficulty in attracting members of newer generations, who are not solely interested in how famous a brand is, but also in the values it conveys.

Although the renown of a brand may attract a good number of applications, not all the networks are blessed with a brand image strong enough at the outset to attract the best potential franchisees.

The recent closing of businesses and other experiences in the past show the importance of selecting the right candidates for a franchise. But choosing a franchisee is a difficult and delicate mission: franchisees must demonstrate leadership that can grow the business while accepting the franchisor's framework, that is to say, they must follow the recipe and adapt to the processes and standards in force. The entrepreneurial profile required by franchising is in fact specific to the sector.

Determining the ideal franchisee profile for your network and rethinking your franchisee selection process is therefore essential to the success of the brand, because the way things have been done for the past 10-15 years is no longer enough.

According to Greg Nathan, founder of the Franchise Relationship Institute, 40% of the success of a franchise, provided that the franchisor's concept is well-known and profitable, is dependent on the talent and hard work of the franchisee, which is why it is so important to select the right candidates.

One of the serious consequences further to a questionable choice of franchisee is in their incapacity, once in business, to deliver the customer experience that you want. This is actually one of the major challenges of the chains today: providing customers with a similar experience throughout the network. Identifying the candidates who have the potential of becoming good managers is no simple matter, that's for sure! That’s why FlagFranchise measures certain subjective personality traits that are ever-so-important to avoid making mistakes.

FlagFranchise is a valuable tool to attract franchisees who otherwise might not even have known about your chain, but with whom it would be possible to establish a strategic partnership capable of to growing your network.

Right from the start, making a selection while factoring in the personality of potential franchisees, including their values and strengths, in addition to their skills, experience and financial capacity, will be beneficial to your network. To develop a win-win relationship, as a franchisor, you also are responsible for supporting franchisees in achieving their objectives and fulfilling their aspirations.

But how do you attract good candidates? Step one: generate enough franchisee applications for your network. If your network is small, you no doubt have trouble attracting a large number of high-quality candidates. If your network’s reputation is well established, you still have to select committed franchisees, from among hundreds of applicants, who share the same values as your company and are compatible with your business model.

So how will potential franchisees hear about your brand? It's no secret, the new generations are very comfortable with new technologies! The web and social media are now the main source of information about franchise business opportunities available.

FlagFranchise is an online tool that posts each business opportunity on the web, through social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and by email to our many subscribers. The use of the Internet allows us to better target and reach the franchise entrepreneurs who correspond to the candidate profile you seek.

However, having your business opportunities seen by would-be franchisees is not enough. You still have to be successful enough in grabbing the attention of potential franchisees to make them want to apply. This is where the FlagFranchise approach stands out from the other solutions offered on the market. We designed our tool to showcase information that is specifically oriented to the requirements of the franchise entrepreneurs.

FlagFranchise is a tool that helps franchisors determine their ideal franchisee profile, position themselves, and showcase their brand image to franchise candidates. The platform also lets you quickly filter the applicants that meet your requirements, saving you time and money as well as avoiding costly recruitment mistakes.

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