How does FlagFranchise work?


  1. Create a franchisor profile

    The first step consists in filling out a short questionnaire about the characteristics of your brand and the ideal franchisee profile you are seeking. Generally, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to fill out the questionnaire.

  2. Advertising your business opportunity

    We will immediately post your business opportunity to attract a maximum of interesting potential franchisees for your franchise network. At all times, the posting will be made and you will be able to modify the parameters as well as the territories available.

    Our base rate plan automatically includes:

    • Dissemination to the franchise candidates in our database;
    • A targeted campaign on social media; and
    • A shareable hyperlink to receive and analyze applications from potential franchisees found on your own site or through your own social media.

    In addition, you can increase your visibility by posting your FlagFranchise offer on your own website.

  3. Analyze the applications and recommendations

    A soon as there are new applications, we will send you an email giving you access to the applications received.

    All the franchise candidates will be ranked according to their potential compatibility with your aspirations, requirements, and professional expectations as a franchisor.

    Not only can you view the profile, CV and LinkedIn profile of each candidate, our analysis sheet will also show you the positive points and points to watch for each:

    • Does the potential franchisee have all the basic skills requested?
    • Does the candidate have the financial capacities to support the start-up and growth of the franchise?
    • Do his or her aspirations and values correspond to your network's culture?
    • Will the potential franchisee integrate well with your franchise network?
    • Will the candidate be satisfied with what you offer as a franchisor?
    • Does his or her entrepreneur profile correspond to the right amount of entrepreneurship for your brand?

The ball is in your court for the remainder of the selection process

Once you have viewed the applications received, you can contact the potential franchisees that meet your criteria to continue with the selection process.

Depending on the subscription you select, you can use FlagFranchise to assess your compatibility with your existing franchisees and to access strategies and tools to make your current network more profitable.