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Classe Affaires
Classe Affaires

Business Class Solutions is a company specializing in streamlined solutions to build efficient business relationships for work, investment and life in Canada.

Business Class Solutions is a dynamic team of seasoned entrepreneurs with a rich dual French-Canadian culture. They contribute their professional know-how, their personal experience, their vast network of contacts and providers to ensure the success of your business plan in Canada.

Their priority is to provide accurate market diagnostics and practical life analysis in Canada. They have designed and launched a discovery program, which is a prerequisite for any installation. Customized according to your specific project, your objectives and your business sector, these discovery days are intended to help you gain insight to the current market and predict future trends, as well as help you find the right contacts to build a strong network.


ComparJobs offers an online recruitment service that measures the potential compatibility of a job seeker with a work environment. The objective is to easily identify the best candidates, both professionally and humanly.


Dialekta is a digital marketing agency based in Montreal. We’re known for our unparalleled service.

We develop innovative strategies that push the limits of digital media, with rock solid expertise in all B2B and B2C marketing tactics.

Whether it’s managing your SEO campaigns or display advertising, we analyze your needs in order to define the optimal marketing strategy for your brand.


Fasken is a leading international law firm with offices in Montréal, Québec, and all other major Canadian cities.

Our lawyers include some of the most highly regarded experts in franchising, networks, and distribution.

Fasken offers a wide range of expertise that you can draw on for the best tools, advice, contracts, structures, and resources, to manage your network, expand your business both in Québec and worldwide, take full advantage of opportunities, and properly protect your know how, your concept, your reputation, and your rights, ensure compliance with legislation and regulations, and prevent and resolve any problem or dispute that may arise.

The services we offer include:

Advice, support, and strategic and legal solutions:

  • At all stages of creating and developing your franchising network or your group;
  • To ensure compliance with legislation and regulations;
  • To effectively prevent and resolve any problem, dispute or litigation;
  • At all stages of your expansion in Canada, the United States, Latin America, Europe, and worldwide;
  • For any acquisition, sale or merger of a franchising network, a group or a franchised business;
  • A full range of services for developing, drafting and negotiating franchise or group contracts, master franchise agreements, development contracts, and other agreements that meet your specific needs;
  • Adapting foreign structures, systems and contracts for the Québec and Canadian context;
  • Representation before any arbitration body or court in the event of litigation.

Himalaya Real Estate Corp. is an international real estate agency in the commercial and industrial real estate sector, and in the investment residential real estate market. Its headquarters are located in Quebec, Canada.

Our team is made up of a diverse group of brokers who have multicultural background that value honesty and professionalism, who work relentlessly to satisfy our clients every request. Our brokers choose to work with Himalaya Corp. due to their desire to obtain a higher level of excellence in the workplace and be part a team who is committed, successful and continually seeking to excel.

With the same mindset, we choose our brokers for their competence and experience, but we also take in account their work ethic, honesty and their relentless efforts to find better solutions for the clients they represent.

For us, it is essential to create lasting relationships with the different key players in our sector and to maintain them. Therefore, we have established great relationships with owners and managers of important business sectors, real estate marketers and agencies, and especially with property managers and financial institutions.

Info entrepreneurs
Info entrepreneurs

A member of the Canada Business Network, Info entrepreneurs (IE) is the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal’s Acclr team of business intelligence experts. As such, IE provides businesses with timely, free information about federal, provincial and municipal government programs, services and regulations, as well as private sector programs and contests. This front-line service is available on the web, by email, by phone and in person.

The Info entrepreneurs website offers directories of support organizations, programs and contests, guides, factsheets and documents in 12 foreign languages.

IE also makes available to entrepreneurs information specialists to compile market information for completing or improving a business plan – such as statistics and trends about sectors of activity and company profiles – as well as experts who charge reasonable fees to advise businesses about their concerns (legal structures, contracts, accounting, business plans).


For more than 35 years, the IREF – Federation of European Partnership and Franchise Networks – has been promoting all forms of independent and associated organized trade networks (franchise, partnership, dealership, license, affiliate commission, cooperative, EIG, voluntary chain, affiliation, etc.). Chaired by Michel KAHN, the IREF is a horizontal, or cross-cutting, Federation that welcomes all forms of networks, which is about 1,900 banners in France [119,000 affiliates, 1.3 million jobs, and €201 billion in sales]. These networks are identified by their distinctive culture, and their unique contractual, economic and management system. The IREF helps them communicate, share their experience and learn from each other through effective "cross-fertilization".

The IREF promotes and supports independent organized trade, including:

  • The "Best Franchises & Partners of France" trophy;
  • Experience sharing (network benchmarking);
  • Thematic workshops;
  • Analysis by its lawyers and experts;
  • Network certification "IREF – BUREAU VERITAS – certification of SERVICES" (1st certification of the heads of independent organized trade networks);
  • Insurance guaranteeing reimbursement in case of conviction by labor tribunals.

"The IREF is a Federation for all independent and associated organized trade networks."

Michel Kahn Consultants
Michel Kahn Consultants

Do you want to ensure the healthy growth and balanced development of your franchise network? The firm Michel Kahn Consultants offers the following support services:

  • Development of business strategies and action policies;
  • Design of legal, marketing and management tools;
  • Business development and network management.

With Michel Kahn Consultants, you can make your concept a true commercial success:

  • Effective measures to establish your business concept faster and to grow your market share;
  • Effective measures to achieve self-financing of your growth and development;
  • Effective measures to capitalize your brand and trademarks.

With Michel Kahn Consultants, you can boost your business expansion:

  • Find good candidates, best locations and effective financing;
  • Control ratios, development and management techniques built on extensive experience;
  • Have access to a vast network of correspondents and experts in France and worldwide.

A structured network with a sound system of standards is a performing network. This is why the know-how and expertise of Michael Kahn Consultants is the logical choice for franchise networks of excellence.

Option Diversité
Option Diversité

Option Diversité is a commercial services broker specialized in providing a wide range of technology, products and services solutions to businesses. In collaboration with reputable providers of commercial products and services, we search and evaluate the best options for our clients based on their individual business needs, requirements and budgets.

At Option Diversité, we take the time to understand the particularities of your business in order to identify for you and suggest the best offers on the market. By opting for a one-stop solution for all your business needs, you save time and money. We provide free personalized consultation services to help you take an informed decision in such areas as:

  • payment terminals
  • till systems (with real-time synchronization of online sales)
  • cash advances: $10,000 to $150,000 financing
  • printing and promotional items
  • IP telephony

Option Diversité is at your service!


Established in January 2017, Planiprêt Commercial now offers its clients a full range of specialized commercial mortgage brokerage services, including all types of commercial financing products such as:

  • Multi-unit (5+ units) residential financing
  • Financing for semi-commercial buildings
  • Financing for commercial real estate (rental or owner-occupied)
  • Financing for industrial properties
  • Financing for healthcare professionals
  • Financing for retirement homes (50+ units)
  • Single-family or condominium construction financing
  • Equipment financing and leasing
  • Financing for accounts receivable

Prior to meeting a commercial lender, you must make sure your project is complete and credible. A Planiprêt mortgage broker will prepare a full analysis of your case with you and address the particularities of your specific financial situation in order to ensure that the winning conditions are in place for the success of your project.

Protech Construction
Protech Construction

Since 1993, we have been creating efficient, modern and functional layouts that allow our clients to meet their business objectives.

We get involved as partners of your success from the start of your feasibility study.

It is by collaborating with our team of experts that we support you through the analysis, design, completion and implementation of your project.

No matter what the allotted budget, our custom solutions will allow you to profit off your investment.

The values we pass down in the family business have allowed us to have one of the highest client satisfaction rates. Availability,integrity, trustworthiness and respect for our clients are our top priority.

It is by offering a turnkey service that we are able to meet all costs and deadlines when it comes to our projects, no matter how big.


SE2 is the developer and provider of Alice POS, a new-generation point-of-sale software package that launches merchants into the modern technologically advanced era. Alice POS is a cloud-based point-of-sale solution designed for multi-location stores, such as franchise chains, buying groups or corporate networks.


A strategic consulting business that helps create partnerships between different organizations. We serve a wide variety of businesses in Canada and Mexico.


Synergee offers a modular solution to manage your commercial network : Franchise – Cooperation - Branch network - Central procurement and referencing model.

  • Centralization & consolidation of financial, commercial and contractual information
  • Financial analysis, reporting and forecasting
  • Business Development
  • Benchmarking
  • Field audit
  • Property Management
  • Projects & Maintenance
  • Suppliers relationship
  • Credit Management
  • Royalties

Synergee supports the development of more than 220 brands worldwide. 45,000 points of sale are managed each day thanks to Synergee


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