Who is FlagFranchise for?

Finding franchisees abroad

Do you want to expand your franchise network and recruit master franchisees abroad or in new areas? FlagFranchise is a tool specific to franchises that is perfectly adapted to finding and selecting master franchisees with varied profiles, no matter the area. The platform enables franchisors to attract motivated, successful franchisees in Quebec, other parts of Canada, the United States, and Europe.

According to Synthèse 2015, an annual franchise survey, 42% of franchisors surveyed said they had locations abroad, as compared to 30% in the previous year. Among networks that have been around for fewer than 6 years, 40% are planning to expand internationally. In a “borderless” business reality, how can good prospective franchisees be recruited abroad?

Beyond the basic features of existing directories, the FlagFranchise algorithm assesses each franchisee application to help you identify the most suitable candidates for making your network successful while considering cultural factors that may harm or benefit your brand.

For maximum effectiveness, FlagFranchise rolls out targeted campaigns aimed at boosting the number of applications in your specific field of expertise, in desired area of the country to which you plan to expand. In such a situation, addition costs, well below those that you would spend to hire a local resource, may apply.

FlagFranchise determine your compatibility with prospective franchisees based on 7 strategic franchise selection criteria. Some aspects of culture—one of the main issues associated with selecting an abroad franchisee—are measured using our innovative tool to help you make informed decisions and optimize quality when selecting international franchisees or master franchisors.

The analysis parameters for compatibility that are assessed by our algorithm are :

  • Budget for initial franchise fees, start-up costs, and working capital;
  • Expectations of support to be provided by the franchisor;
  • Management-related and other skills and experience;
  • Similar values to those of the network, and strengths that correspond to requirements;
  • Entrepreneur profile: the right amount of entrepreneurship for your brand;
  • Desired lifestyle; and
  • Desired location.

FlagFranchise was established to help franchisors all over the world identify their ideal franchisee profile and optimize their international recruitment process. It is a web-based participatory recruitment tool that appeals to all generations, particularly the Y generation. Thus, FlagFranchise helps franchisors to better identify and recruit master franchisees so as to avoid costly errors and drive their network forward. To make the process easier for franchisors, the FlagFranchisee application automatically handles:

  • Publishing the business opportunity on various advertising platforms, based on the targeted area;
  • Receiving, organizing, and sorting CVs; and
  • Analyzing each prospective franchisee's potential compatibility with the franchise.

In addition, through the new information provided about each candidate's budget, expectations, affinities, values, interests, and requirements, franchisors can identify the potential franchisees who would have the highest level of satisfaction with their business opportunity and, therefore, would be the most committed and successful. We incorporate the experience you have acquired over time into the definition of the best franchisee profile and let our tool carry out the continuous analysis work. For franchisors, it results in better cohesion between the network and future franchisees, thus leading to a more trusting relationship, a higher retention rate for franchisees, higher customer satisfaction, and improved performance and profitability of the network.

Our partners Totem Organizational Performance et Classes affaires can provide support with regard to other aspects related to carrying out your international expansion project. It’s important to realize that adaptations must usually be made to your concept, to the candidate profile sought, and to the customer experience, which must be emphasized.

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