Who is FlagFranchise for?

For franchisors

You are a new or well-established franchisor or master-franchisor… Are you looking to grow your business network? Are you considering expanding your concept abroad?

If this applies to you, then FlagFranchise may be the right route for you to take! We have designed our web-based platform specifically to make your franchisee recruitment process efficient and effective through the use of technology that seeks out potential candidates who fit your network’s requirements and then ranks them according to their compatibility with your brand.

We have identified seven key criteria that determine the quality of business partnerships between franchisors and franchisees:

  • Your budget
  • Your expectations
  • Your skills and experience
  • Your affinities
  • Your entrepreneurial profile
  • Your lifestyle
  • The desired territory

The benefits of our FlagFranchise platform don’t stop at helping you identify the ideal franchisee profile for your business network. FlagFranchise also builds your brand awareness among entrepreneurs. It uses data-driven algorithm to automatically pinpoint the main advantages of each franchise network, and presents them to prospective franchisees based on the information in their individual profiles.

Whether you are looking for a candidate with a specific expertise in Quebec, Europe, the USA or Mexico, or seeking a new franchisee in a less common industry, FlagFranchise enables you to cut the time it takes to sort through the applications received and to target those who show high potential compatibility with your network.

Regardless of the size of your network and the industry you operate in, finding the right franchisees has never been easier!

Set up your profile and discover new growth opportunities available to you...