Why try FlagFranchise?

Efficient management of your franchisee applications

Widely used by large companies, tools to manage applications (applicant tracking systems) are not as common among franchisors. These software applications let you centralize several tasks involved in the recruitment process: receiving applications, sorting applicants, follow-up processes, etc. Very often, these tools include algorithms that make it possible to target and sort candidates according to certain information, including keywords, skills and experience.

FlagFranchise also lets you efficiently manage the applications received, but its advantage lies in the method it uses for sorting franchisee applications. For a long time, many franchise networks accepted applications from franchisees who simply demonstrated the basic skills necessary for performing the operations as well as the capacity to pay. Several major chains now regret their choice and are looking for ways to select franchise candidates according to qualifying parameters such as the values and strengths of would-be franchisees. One of the serious consequences of a questionable choice of franchisee is their incapacity, once in business, to deliver the customer experience that you want. This is actually one of the major challenges of chains today: providing customers with a similar experience throughout the network.

FlagFranchise automatically assesses the franchisee applications according to the potential satisfaction of the candidate, and this using seven factors that influence mobilization and performance :

  • Budget for initial franchise fees, start-up costs, and working capital;
  • Expectations of support to be provided by the franchisor;
  • Management-related and other skills and experience;
  • Similar values to those of the network, and strengths that correspond to requirements;
  • Entrepreneur profile: the right amount of entrepreneurship for your brand;
  • Desired lifestyle; and
  • Desired location.

FlagFranchise makes it easier for you to identify the potential franchisees who demonstrate a real interest in your brand and who best correspond to the vision that you have of the ideal franchisee. To help you make better selections, the information collected in the seven factors may be added to the other traditional evaluation criteria, specifically regarding skills and specialization.

FlagFranchise is very useful for small chains that have neither the resources nor a franchisee recruitment team in place, contrary to larger chains, which get an incredible number of applications to sort within tight deadlines. FlagFranchise's strategic automation supports all franchisors in their recruitment process, regardless of their size or sector.

Furthermore, the franchisee applications you will receive through the FlagFranchise tool will be easy to manage. Whereas current franchise directories are unidirectional (they only give information on your brand without considering whether candidates meet your expectations), FlagFranchise centralizes all the franchisee applications in its own web application. During the posting period, you will only receive one email per day informing you of the new applications received. In addition, by connecting to your profile on our software application, the franchisee applications are available at all times.

To display them, our dashboard may be sorted by column, allowing you to see the list of franchisee applications received as well as:

  • The name of the potential franchisee;
  • The date of the application;
  • The evaluation rating that you assigned to the potential franchisee (out of five stars);
  • The compatibility rating assigned by FlagFranchise, calculated using our algorithm according to the potential for the franchisee’s professional satisfaction;
  • The status of the application, broken down into four possibilities:

  1. Not viewed: for new franchisee applications not yet viewed.
  2. Selected: for potential franchisees who interest you.
  3. Rejected: for applications that do not interest you.
  4. Pending: for applications that you have viewed, but on which no decision has yet been made.

You can also click each application to open the candidate file. This tool lets you perform the following actions:

  1. View the franchise candidate's CV.
  2. Access the candidate's LinkedIn profile (if applicable).
  3. See the overall compatibility rating of the franchise candidate with your brand.
  4. Consult the franchise candidate's compatibility analysis sheet, according to seven factors of potential satisfaction with your banner.
  5. Reject or select the candidate, based on what you think of his or her profile.
  6. Obtain the candidate's contact information to continue the process.

In addition, the applications obtained belong to you and are archived in your franchisor profile for future use.

You are therefore able to efficiently manage the applications received. Regardless of how many CVs you need to view, we will make it easier for you to analyze them by helping you quickly target the franchise candidates, view their profile, and make an informed decision to continue with your recruitment process.

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