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Become your own boss

Tired of having a boss on your back and not being recognized for your abilities? Have your professional goals been reached many times already? Does being an employee no longer appeal? Have you acquired a set of skills, work experience, knowledge and expertise that you would like to leverage in your own business? Thinking about starting a business, but don’t know where to start? Although the idea of being one's own boss may seem enticing, starting a business often presents its share of difficulties. Investing in a reputable brand is a very interesting option to consider.

We are aware of the frightening statistics showing that a new business is unlikely to survive. Figures vary by country, but overall the business closure rate is around 50% or 60%. Yet, in the case of new franchises, this rate is much less dramatic; franchisees join a network of companies for which a successful business formula has already been tested and proven. The chain has invested effort and energy establishing its business best practices, refining its products and services, and defining the best marketing strategies.

Several factors may motivate you to become your own boss. But overall, entrepreneurs who go into business seek to be fulfilled, take up a challenge, and achieve a dream. They are thirsty for freedom and have a desire to be independent; they no longer want a boss who dictates everything! Finally, when the time comes to create your business, making more money is also a crucial factor to consider.

Regardless of what motivates you, it isn’t always easy to move from the dream to the deed. Many toy with the idea of becoming their own boss but don’t do it for a variety of reasons, including: lack of time, insufficient personal savings, fear of the administrative complexity surrounding starting a business, or because they think they aren’t credible enough.

If you are among those people who would like to own their own business but are held back for one reason or another, you should know that franchise entrepreneurship may be right for you. The advantages of starting a franchise are many: you are your own boss and decide your own schedule depending on the nature of the chain, you invest in your future, create your own job, develop a business that will grow in value, and also enjoy the privileges of belonging to a network:

  • The brand image and the reputation of the chain;
  • Expertise and a proven track record;
  • A refined and well-established management system;
  • Less risk-taking and therefore faster achievement of profitability;
  • Better financial means for national marketing initiatives;
  • The best defenses against local competition;
  • Support available for the franchisor when the economy is unsettled.

Before you start, however, it’s important to choose the brand with which you would like to be associated, because the success of a network is primarily dependent on respecting the commitment and the relationship of trust between the franchisor and franchisee. So how do you choose a franchise that suits you?

FlagFranchise is a tool that helps entrepreneurs find a franchise that matches their values and interests in order to foster cohesion between the parties involved: the basis of a successful partnership! Already, many business opportunities have been advertised on this innovative web application, by franchise networks looking for motivated and effective business partners.

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