How does FlagFranchise work?

What is FlagFranchise?

FlagFranchise is a franchise business opportunity identification tool that automatically searches, detects, and evaluates opportunities for purchasing a franchise based on your goals as a franchisee. Unlike traditional franchise directories, we offer to find you the franchise that suits you and that meets your aspirations. Our algorithm can find the perfect match between you and a chain. To achieve this, we've identified 7 factors that influence the satisfaction of franchisees with their franchisor:

  • Your budget;
  • Your expectations;
  • Your skills and experience;
  • Your affinities;
  • Your entrepreneur profile;
  • Your lifestyle;
  • The desired location.

If you decide to apply for a posted business opportunity, simply click on a single button. Your application will be immediately sent to the franchisor in question. The franchisor can then access your level of compatibility with the franchise and the information on your profile: your CV, your LinkedIn profile, and your contact information. Franchisors interested in your application can contact you directly to follow up.

Owning a franchise is a smart choice. Statistics show that a new business has little chance of survival. The figures vary by country, but overall, the closure rate is around 50% to 60%. However, when it comes to new franchises, this rate is much less dramatic because franchisees join a network of companies using a formula that has already been tested and proven. The chain has invested effort and energy into establishing its business best practices, refining its products and services, and defining the best marketing strategies, which significantly reduces the risks of starting a business and allows you to invest in your future.

Our tool searches continuously for you - all this for free, and no effort on your part!

Create your profile and let us do the searching for you.

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